The LAFMAAL Foundation is a non-profit excellence foundation for talented young female scientists from African countries, who are doing their PhD in STEM subjects. The foundation was founded in 2018 in Yamoussoukro/West Africa and supports young women from Côte d’Ivoire all over Africa, in order to give them access to scientific MINT areas and support their studies, e.g. in cooperation with universities and companies. With the holistic approach, which, in addition to the scientific aspects, also includes social commitments, an understanding of nature and the environment, and opportunities to found your own start-ups, the women are being supported both professionally and personally.

Dr. Michel Aliman, founder of the LAFMAAL Foundation, gave a lecture on November 22, 2022 on the topic “Promotion of female scientists in Africa” ​​at the Aalen University. Through impressive images and video footage of the Foundation’s vision, LAFMAAL Academics, LAFMAAL Social, LAFMAAL Environmental and LAFMAAL Exploration, Mr. Aliman provided insight into the development of innovative, sustainable and nature conservation-related projects. In addition to the support provided by many volunteers inside and outside of Côte d’Ivoire, reference was also made to the university and industrial partner network, which accompanies these foundation projects with financial, technical and educational support.

Mrs. Birte Michel, CEO of the Professional Scientists, is passionate about the topic of equal opportunities and has been committed to increasing the proportion of female doctoral students in the STEM subjects in Africa, since the LAFMAAL Foundation was founded. In June 2018, Mrs. Michel accompanied the first three female scientists of the LAFMAAL Foundation on their first visit to Stuttgart for a few days, on the occasion of a guest scientific exchange as part of their doctorates, and then followed the further path of these three wonderful scientists, how they particularly serve as a role model for their immediate surroundings. Mrs. Michel is also responsible for the LAFMAAL ENVIRONMENTAL area. This includes science promotion through STEM research projects in the fields of environmental protection, agriculture and biotechnology on the foundation’s own premises (e.g. in the field of solar energy), guest professor seminars (currently on the topics of solar technology and photovoltaics) and the protection of a nature reserve (research into the special flora and fauna the river island of Golyakissikro) on the Côte d’Ivoire.

Have you already known about our volunteer work? Do you see connecting points from your area of ​​research and technology in order to be able to improve the scientific training of female doctoral students in Africa with technical laboratory equipment or mentor roles? Are you also involved in voluntary projects?