We are pleased to announce that our company was recently named “Top Company 2023” by the “kununu” employer rating platform. This award shows that our company performs above average in many areas and is an attractive employer and partner for candidates.
One of the factors that make us a “Top Company” is the individual support and advice given to our candidates. We understand that every candidate is unique and has different goals and experiences, so we offer options to suit each individual. We are also characterized by the high esteem, in which we hold our employees and candidates. We value their achievements and commitment and are committed to providing them with the best possible service.
Another important factor is career planning for our candidates. We support them in achieving their professional goals by offering them suitable job offers with relevant development opportunities. In addition to these factors, the family working atmosphere is also an important aspect that sets us apart. We create an environment, in which everyone feels comfortable and supports each other. This leads to a productive and motivated work environment, where everyone can do their best.
Expertise is also an important aspect of the way we work. Our company relies on a combination of many years of experience, professionalism and technical competence. We match candidates with the highest level of expertise and competency to ensure our clients are provided with the top performers. Last but not least, we would also like to mention transparency, which is an important part of our corporate culture. We attach great importance to open communication and treating each other with respect, which is appreciated both inside and outside of our company.
The “kununu” award as “Top Company” is a confirmation for us that we are on the right track and are constantly improving in order to remain an attractive and supportive employer and partner. We look forward to continuing to support and encourage our employees and candidates and thank them for their commitment.